Euphoria Event Solutions Inc

Stretch Tents

Innovative, stylish & highly modular

The striking features of these Bedouin-inspired Stretch tents are sure to create a dramatic look for any event or function.

Inventory includes:

  • Stretch Tent Blue: covers up to 1300 square feet
  • Stretch Tent Dark Orange: covers up to 2400 square feet
  • Stretch Tent White: covers from 180 to 2600 square feet

Our unique Stretch tent canopies are made from a highly-developed & patented tensile fabric.

  • Stretch tents vary in size from as little as 180 sq/ft. up to 2600 sq/ft.
  • 100% waterproof – protection from rain, wind and sun
  • High-tensile fabric is heat bonded with a membrane
  • Fully customizable modular linking system for a variety of sizes and layouts in just about any terrain
  • Engineered and tested – qualify for all international fire standards including California
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