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Luxury Tent Rentals

We have a unique line of high-end fabric structures that offer both style and flexibility.

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  • Saddlespan Tents – Open, Concert, Duo-Span, Tri-Span, Mega-Span
  • Hexadome Tents – 175m2 and 100m2
  • Marquee Tents – 20×20, 20×40, Hex 40
  • Tunnel Tents – when you need a walkway, entryway or mist tent

Our tents are well-maintained, offer great protection from the elements, and set up quickly.

To get started

We will need the following information:

Contact Info

      • Name
      • Phone Number
      • E-mail Address

Event Title

      • Venue Address
      • Event Date
      • Set and Strike Dates
      • Number of Attendees

Site Surface Details

      • Concrete/Paved
      • Lawn
      • Sand
      • Gravel

Saddlespan Tents

Single Span

Hexadome Tents

Hexadome 175m2
Hexadome 100m2

Marquee Tents

Marquee & Fiesta
Tunnel Tent
Hex 40
Saddlespan Tents
Marquee Tents
Hexadome Village

Our state-of-the-art, luxury tents are ideal for

‣ Concerts‣ Weddings‣ Corporate Functions
‣ Sporting Events‣ Private Parties‣ Fairs/Festivals
‣ Wine Tastings‣ Polo Tournaments‣ Marketing Initiatives
‣ Horse Shows‣ Golf Tournaments‣ Antique Auto Shows
‣ Movie Sets‣ Fundraisers‣ Corporate Branding
‣ Special Events‣ Revivals‣ Baby Showers
‣ Company Picnics‣ Product Launches‣ Fashion Shows
‣ Casino Events‣ Bandshells‣ Conventions
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