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Several structures available when flexibility is important

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We have several luxury tents and other structures available for rental. Some of these include

  • Saddle span tents – Open, Concert, Duo-Spans, Tri-Spans, Multi-Spans
  • Hexadome tents – 175m(2) and 100m(2)
  • E-Dome 3 – a geodesic fully functional space
  • Stretch tents – 000 sq ft and 984 sq ft
  • Marquee tents – including the Hex40
  • Tunnel tents – when you need a walkway or entryway
  • Mega-tents and other clearspans

Our structures are in excellent condition, always clean, have amazing lighting potential, and are rated for strong winds. From small private parties to weddings to large-scale special events, we can enhance your site with our unique structures – structures that make you look like you’ve gone above and beyond in designing your event.

Saddle Span Tents

Single Spans

Stretch & Domes

Stretch Tents

Marquee Tents

Marquees & Fiesta
Hex40 Marquees
Tunnel Tents
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