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Saddlespan Tents

Flexible structures that never cease to wow

Our Saddlespan structures, shown in a variety of settings and configurations, are true show-stoppers. Rentals and leases include setup and take-down by highly professional and knowledgeable staff. These award-winning tension structures have been seen all across America, in nearly every state of the US, and even in parts of Canada. 

Our unique tents have been used for single-day functions, as well as ongoing months-long events. From special events, commencements, product unveilings, multi-day concerts, rallies, weddings, corporate picnics and private events – we’ve been there adding a touch of sensational to each event.

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Our inventory includes (to see more, click on any photo):


S1000 Saddlespan

Perfect as an entryway, bandshell, highlight area and more, this size structure, (without end walls), covers up to 951 square feet, 24 ft. wide.

S2000 Saddlespan

An excellent cover for a variety of events, this size structure, (without end walls), covers up to 1620 square feet, 40 ft. wide.

S5000 Saddlespan

Perfect as a bandshell, for a product reveal and more. This size structure (without end walls) covers up to 3012 square feet.

Duo-Span Euphoria Events


Our saddlespan tents can be configured with two adjoining tents end-to-end for superior coverage. Take a look at our duo-span configurations in the photo gallery below.


For larger product reveals, concerts, shows and events of all kinds, the saddlespans can also be configured with three saddlespans for a clover-leaf like design. Adding end walls gives it even more capacity and elegance.


Nothing beats the four clover-leaf configuration of the saddlespans. Adding ends walls to one or several of the saddlespans allows for maximum flexibility of space usage. Call to discuss availability.

Tri-Span Structures

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Duo-Span Structures

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Saddlespan Structures: SA22/S1000 - S2000 - S5000

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Saddlespan technical information

Dimensions: 69 ft 10 in x 60 ft
Total Area: 3,073 sq ft

Dimensions: 81 ft 3 in x 60 ft
Total Area: 4,400 sq ft
Peak Height: 24 ft 1in
Capacity/Dance: 1,100 persons Capacity/Cocktail Party: 850+/- Capacity/Row Seating: 720+/- Capacity/Dinner/Long Tables: 550+/- Capacity/Dinner/Round Tables: 420+/-


Dimensions: 92 ft 11in x 60 ft
Total Area: 5,225 sq ft
Peak Height: 24 ft 1 in

Dimensions: 167 ft 6 in x 60 ft
Total Area: 9,774 sq ft
Peak Height: 24 ft 1 in
Capacity/Dance: 2,150 persons Capacity/Cocktail Party: 1,700+/- Capacity/Row Seating: 1,400+/- Capacity/Dinner/Long Tables: 1,000+/- Capacity/Dinner/Round Tables: 850+/-

NOTE: This capacity guide is intended to provide average maximum capacities for quick approximation. Factors to consider when determining what capacity tent you require are size and location of aisles, as well as local fire, building and liquor board codes. Provisions should be made for food service areas, bars, stages, display areas and any other designated space. Saddlespan tents have been designed, and engineered for extreme weather conditions and have some of the highest wind ratings of any tent in the marketplace today. These tents are manufactured using the latest fire retardant materials available and exceed requirements for NFPA 701, UL 214, ULC S-109 and M1. Treated to retard mildew, ultra-violet degradation. Saddlespan tents also meet all international flame retardant requirements.

Saddlespan configurations

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